Monday, April 8, 2013


G is for...

"I'm not responsible enough to be responsible but responsible enough to take responsibility over my irresponsibleness."

MAKE ME. This is what I usually say to other people whenever they tell me to grow up. My parents are a bit confusing sometimes (maybe yours as well). I remember the time when I was in 3rd year high school, I asked them if I could attend a birthday party and then they did not allow me to go. The reason would be (insert air quote here)You're not old enough to go out at night (insert another air quote here). But then they let me go out to buy stuff. "We ran out of salt. Please go to the market and buy me a pack of salt. Hurry!". "But Mum it's already nightfall." (damn me for being lazy). "You're OLD enough. How come you're still afraid of the dark?"

See what I mean?

But when can we actually say that we've grown up? Is it the moment we stopped watching anime? The moment we stopped playing video games? The moment we stopped playing outside with the other kids on the neighborhood? The moment we stopped doodling? The moment we get married? 

I don't exactly know where this post is heading. My brain is malfunctioning.



  1. My body might be old but my brain is still...uh 3 or so.

    Or you are only as old as the woman/man you feel...cough

  2. Who needs growing up when you can be immature forever. LOL

  3. I think the way your parents didn't let you go to the birthday party because it was dark outside, but then made you go out to buy salt was crazy!!!!
    As for growing up... I don't know. It's a process I think.

  4. I'm not sure if I'm grown up yet either, even though my body tells me I am old! My mind doesn't think so though.

  5. Sounds to me as if you have pinpointed how crazy our society can be.
    hey! Have you ever seen the musical "Peter Pan?" There's a song, "I won't grow up!"
    AND - over the many years - Since Peter Barrie wrote the book - many other adult people have thought of delightful ways to share these Peter Pan ideas - and make a living - accomplishing all the "adult responsibilities" while living a bright. colorful. expressive life . . . YOU Are Perfect.
    Happy A to Z!!

  6. I lovd ur quote and I am gonna borrow it too.

    And this is something I still ask my parents... one moment my dad says u r old enough for marriage and next moment u r still young for this. Guess when we become parents we are also gonna do all this crazy talks. Absolutely loved ur post. :)

  7. Beats me, and I'm already a few years into being considered part of the senior citizen category. LOL!

  8. Good luck! I'm trying to be an adult and I think it will always be a work in progress.

  9. I don't think you ever "grow up." You always feel the same in your mind no matter how old you get. It's just your body that wears out. I think the closest we can come to growing up is the point when we stop caring what other people think. There's no specific age for that either. It just sort of happens, and then you are presented with a life test and realize that you've changed in that respect.

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

  10. Holy cow, I just turned 40 and I still don't feel like a grown-up. Adult? Sure. Responsible? Erm. 95% of the time. Grown-up? Heck no! Of course that's probably how I wound up getting smacked in the face with a plastic light saber (sonofa...that hurt) then had to stop playing soccer with my 5 year old nephew because my knee was hurting. Aging is aaaaawesome. But I wouldn't consider myself grown-up. My nephews would but whatever...they're like 8 and 5...what do they know? They're kids. :)


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