Saturday, April 6, 2013


F is for...

"Keeping in mind that it must be forgotten..."

There are things we try so hard to remember and there are things we desperately wanted to forget. There are also things we've done that we don't want others to remember and wished so many times that if only we weren't stup-- err brave enough to do it.

  I am badly trying to forget someone (no, I don't owe him money (thank you for asking))<---A voice within a voice. Cool! It's like inception. Okay, so going back to the topic. It's a typical story: falling in love with my best friend and then college came along to separate the two of us and for some reason we're not in good terms anymore. Well... Obviously this isn't the whole story. Coz you know, I'm making myself look like the good gal here. He said it's my fault. Funny. Coz I'm trying so hard to remember what did I do wrong. I'm not saying that he's mistaken. Maybe it IS my fault. But I just honestly can't remember why. Yes, he's definitely included on my list that's causing me depression. 

  I don't really want to actually forget him. Is that even possible? Oh, right. Selective memory loss. I know some of you would gladly volunteer to hit me with a rock or a chair or perhaps a mouse since you're probably lazy enough to get something quite heavy. But please DON'T. Seriously. I just want to forget the feeling. And so far...  I don't know. We haven't seen each other for three years. Maybe it's a good thing. In that way, it's easier to forget.

How about you? Was it easy for you to forget and move on?

P.S.This post isn't about you Sarah Marshall. 

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  1. It is hard to forget especially if you loved someone. If I would see my first bf now or even remembering him, I get those butterflies in my stomach, not sure we ever truly forget them.

  2. Somehow, being forgetful is natural for me. I'm soooo forgetful all the time. LOL Pun aside, I do forget easily when it comes to relationships. The real meaning is that I don't forget, but I move on easily. I just don't talk to the exes. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I'm your newest follower po. Kumusta na?

    Sonnia J. Kemmer

    1. It pays to be forgetful sometimes >___<

      Mabuti naman po ako! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam pag may pinoy na kausap dito...hihi

  3. I'd love to forget when I make mistakes. I don't hold grudges against other people, but I tend to hold them against myself. I dwell on mistakes, and even after years have gone by and you'd think I'd forget something, the memory will be sparked again. I really need to figure out how to stop doing that!

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog:

    1. We shouldn't blame ourselves. I mean, it's our fault. But everything happens for a reason right?

      Thanks for dropping by once again Kristen!<3

  4. I haven't had a love I had trouble getting past, but I do hold grudges and keep the wrongs inside far longer than I'd like to, and like Kristen above me, I keep grudges against myself and make myself feel guilty about things.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  5. I don't see how we can ever forget people we love. The hurt of losing them, whether through death or break-up, is always there. The intensity of the hurt does decrease over time. It does. The feelings of guilt is something completely different in my book. If a person has already owned up to doing things she is not proud of, then why continue beating oneself up about it. Forgive oneself, forget about it, and move on.

  6. I don't think we can ever forget the people. I too am trying to forget someone right now- and it's very hard. Everytime I hear a song that reminds me of him I want to punch something. I just have to let it go!

  7. I am pretty forgetful, my husband will back me up on that. I am an engrossed in the moment kinda gal. If people are in my past they are there for a reason. I appreciate whatever I learnt from them but I love where I am now so I have no regrets.
    Find a way to enjoy your now and maybe that will help.

    The blog hop shrinker is cool! Thanks for the tip :)

    Big hugs xxx

  8. I'm not very sure we can actually forget someone who's been a part of our life; we just learn to live without them.

    Thanks for that bit of code over there.. its really cool.

  9. It is hard to forget someone you loved, but it does get better with time.


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