Saturday, April 21, 2012


A month ago an idea occurred to me, “Hey, how about I start raising a pet?”. I imagined myself heading to the nearest pet shop, finding a suitable pet, buying it and going back home carrying a new companion. This sounded so easy or so I thought. I’m still in college and I spend a lot of time (those times that I don’t play truant) in the university. I don’t think any pet will do since I have to take good care of it. So I asked my friend, Denver, to help me what pet I should choose. After a series of discussion on dogs, turtles, etc., I settled on raising a fish. Why not? I only have to feed it once a day and I don’t need to clean its home everyday. He sent me a picture of a red half moon fighting fish. What a beauty. But it is so rare I don’t think I can find one. One week later I decided to take a stroll and stopped outside a church wherein a lot of fish were displayed. With little money, I bought three double-tail betta (with this, you can conclude that I am no fish expert). I went home afterward and place the fishes in separate plastic containers. Yes, they should have their own plastic container, THAT or witness a bloodbath (exaggeration intended). There you go... My new companions, what now? Here comes the hardest part, NAMING. What should I name them? For me, choosing a name is as hard as naming your very first super-cool-yet-not-so-awesome-coz-your-noob avatar which you want to show off to your friends. So after thinking so hard (and so long that I’m losing daylight), I picked out the names Lam-angLapu-lapu and Lakandula.

Red half moon fighting fish


lapu-lapu + lam-ang

Friday, April 20, 2012


So now I'm into writing. This is a new experience for me. Well, it's not like I haven't tried it ever since (looking back on those endless compositions in English class- poetry writing, autobiographies, diaries, essays, reaction papers). But this (blogging), this is in an entirely different way. Writing here is like speaking but with an audience and that anyone is free to interact. Like telling a story in which it did happen and that story is your life. It's a new experience since I'm not used to expressing my thoughts, feelings and opinions to people especially to those I don't personally know. Writers, you have my full respect. It's really hard trying to capture the reader's interest, giving them insights and fresh ideas. It's simply a matter of entertaining or boring people to death.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

temporary diversion

This is my first blog entry and I have no idea what I am going to write. But I do know the reason why I decided to create my own blog. I'm currently undergoing depression. It's been three years and obviously, my life is not going anywhere but downhill. I easily get bored on the things which caught my interest and it's not because I'm pretty good at it but because I just don't feel like doing it anymore. Have you ever heard of pen spinning? I tried it seven months ago but I stopped after a couple of months. Basic tricks are pretty easy but the rest are hard to master which makes it even more depressing.

Pen spinners modify their own pens according to their preferences, others purchased it online and they are quite expensive. You need to acquire different parts and some of these are hard to find. I even had quite obsession with pens.

 My first video tutorial...

In case you're wondering why I was hooked at pen spinning, no further explanations. Just watch the video below.