Saturday, April 21, 2012


A month ago an idea occurred to me, “Hey, how about I start raising a pet?”. I imagined myself heading to the nearest pet shop, finding a suitable pet, buying it and going back home carrying a new companion. This sounded so easy or so I thought. I’m still in college and I spend a lot of time (those times that I don’t play truant) in the university. I don’t think any pet will do since I have to take good care of it. So I asked my friend, Denver, to help me what pet I should choose. After a series of discussion on dogs, turtles, etc., I settled on raising a fish. Why not? I only have to feed it once a day and I don’t need to clean its home everyday. He sent me a picture of a red half moon fighting fish. What a beauty. But it is so rare I don’t think I can find one. One week later I decided to take a stroll and stopped outside a church wherein a lot of fish were displayed. With little money, I bought three double-tail betta (with this, you can conclude that I am no fish expert). I went home afterward and place the fishes in separate plastic containers. Yes, they should have their own plastic container, THAT or witness a bloodbath (exaggeration intended). There you go... My new companions, what now? Here comes the hardest part, NAMING. What should I name them? For me, choosing a name is as hard as naming your very first super-cool-yet-not-so-awesome-coz-your-noob avatar which you want to show off to your friends. So after thinking so hard (and so long that I’m losing daylight), I picked out the names Lam-angLapu-lapu and Lakandula.

Red half moon fighting fish


lapu-lapu + lam-ang

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