Friday, March 8, 2013


This is my first post after a five-month hiatus and my first post for this year 2013!!! YAY, I'm back! So where the heck have I been? Nah. As usual I'm just a lazy ass so obviously, I spent those months here at my place but that didn't mean I really didn't do anything so that means... I'm not totally lazy. And I'm not totally an ass... Okay? (What's with these asses?) BUTT anyway... Fine...  *rolling eyes* Enough with these asses. So moving on, I finally learned how to make an origami lily! I know right?!? You're probably thinking, "Seriously?! For five straight months?! Wow, that's pretty slow... Get a life." Of course, that's not the only thing that's keeping me busy but for now let's talk about origami or the art of Japanese paper folding. You might think it's boring but for me, it's not. It helps me to relax, it helped me with my school projects and most important of all-it keeps my niece busy (in that way, she won't be messing with my stuff..teehee)

I've learned how to fold different stuffs thanks to this guy. And there are also a lot of websites that can help you create things that are useful!

And here are some of the things I made...

So if you're looking for some things to do this summer, this might help you. 

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