Friday, March 8, 2013

reconnecting. . .

Two posts in a row? Whoa, I'm on fire! *plays Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys* Regarding to my previous post about me just staying in my room well.. that wasn't entirely true. (so now AMALAYER?!! OMG Ate!!!) Kidding aside, I went home during the holidays to pay my parents a visit. It's nice to be back home- strolling down a familiar street with no traffic and less pollution. It's a small town so it's not impossible to see familiar faces. I've met my friends way back in high school, on my trip to the province and on my trip back to the city, after not being able to see them for a long time. (uhmm.. where is this post heading??) Okay let's cut to the chase.  What I'm trying to say is, aside from doing other stuff, I tried to reconnect with my friends. We had a very long conversation to make up for the lost times. It felt good talking with people whom I'm comfortable with...

yuna :)

me and yuna...(photography by: MOM <3)

(from left to right) zyrian*karen*reya



There are things you can tell to your parents but not to your friends and there are things that you can tell to your friends but definitely not to your parents.

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