Saturday, March 23, 2013

last hours

No, I'm not dying. If you've read my previous posts, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned about my upcoming birthday and how excited I was. But that excitement turned out to be temporary. These past few days I've been dealing with so many disappointments. Right now, I should be spending my last hours being twenty years old on a ship heading home. But NO. I still have to wait for 16 hours and don't even bother on asking why.

Seriously, there's got to be a reason why there's a queue at every ticket office.  It's a line. Why in the world would you cut in a line? That's taboo! Okay, so maybe taboo is such a strong a word. But it is common courtesy to wait for your turn. And when you're going to break through a line, be sure to be polite and not just by simply pushing someone like you're walking through the jungle and parting hanging vines. Just because I'm too small for my age doesn't mean I'm not human.

One more thing, racial discrimination against my own race!? What on earth was that? Just because that dude has lighter skin he deserved to be treated kindly? (Oh no he DI'INT!) I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated well especially those people that's having a hard time. Just because some moron treated you bad does not mean you have to be bad as well. THAT, or you're just a selfish mustard.

If there's one thing I learned today before I turned 21, people would be weirded out if you cry alone in public.

And since my trip was cancelled, I was able to post on my blog. 

Another year to live :) Thank God!
Good night.

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